Hykin Network

A new beginning

Connect: hykin.us
Network Status: In Development

The wait is over. Let's do this.

After final testing and preparation. It is time to let you in on what's happening.

Players often have a long list of what they'd like on a server. We want the network to be open for ideas from the community. For this, we have introduced new and old things in Practice that no other major practice network has created.

From playing on many other servers, I have seen how the concept of Pay-to-Win ruins the way players are on the server. On Hykin, we have removed the concept of Pay-to-Win entirely. All players should put in the same work to achive a reward. With this, our ELO top prize will be taken from our Ranked Queue system. All players (including donators) must work to unlock the Ranked Queue. Each player must win 10 Unranked Matches prior to getting access to the Ranked Queue.